VIDEO: Young Venezuelan Woman Warns America What Happens When You Destroy Statues

Are you awake yet? Are you paying attention? 

Just in the past few weeks, rioters — un-educated low lifes, have destroyed, taken down or defaced the following statues across the United States. Or, unelected bodies have decided to remove them with no input from the public: 

George Washington
Thomas Jefferson
Philip Schuyler
Caesar Rodney
Abraham Lincoln
Ulysses S. Grant
Theodore Roosevelt
Junipero Serra
Juan de Oñate
William McKinley
Robert E. Lee
Christopher Columbus
Stand Watie
Miguel Cervantes
Queen Isabella of Castile
Diego de Vargas
Francis Scott Key
Frank Rizzo
The Texas Rangers
Orville Hubbard
Jerry Richardson
The Richmond, Virginia, police
Delaware law enforcement
Oregonian pioneers
Oregonian pioneer mothers
John Sutter
George Washington
Thomas Jefferson
Abraham Lincoln
Ulysses S. Grant
Theodore Roosevelt

I'm really not sure if this is the complete list, if you have more to add please leave a comment in the comment section below! Don't forget to hit the share button at the bottom! 


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