Sedona, Arizona Is OVER CROWDED With Traffic & Tourists!

With the influx of California residents moving here, Sedona is becoming a huge tourist attraction. 

Great, right? NOPE. Sedona traffic is becoming a nightmare for Sedona and Arizona residents alike. What was once a nice, quiet place to escape is now overrun with rude, loud and obnoxious tourists. 

Sedona has been talking about creating "passes" for tourists and stickers for residents to minimize traffic. We always suggest dialing 511 to check traffic reports before you even think about going up north now. 

Not only is the traffic bad, the trails/slide rock are being littered with trash and cali residents. 

This has to stop. Arizona was once a great state, but now it's becoming over populated and expensive. You know, like California. 

Make sure you let these people know by adding a "Don't California my Arizona" sticker to your ride! 

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  • Rene, i am a California and i can tell you that our beautiful beach and gorgeous mountain trails are litters with trashes year round by us, the locals, Don’t blame the tourists.

  • It shows in their traffic manners. bumper to bumper traffic on hwy 89 going through Sedona that we cannot get out of our neighborhood to go grocery shopping or run our errands! I look at the plates, and usually all out-of-staters. Please be considerate of the residents and please do not litter or destroy nature. Enjoy it but leave it as it is please! If it continues like this, maybe the city should consider limited daily passes for Sedona visitors to keep the traffic down and more keep it manageable without overloading our city resources. Charge a fee for the passes and use that money to maintain the trails and local fauna.

  • Renee,

    Your california beaches are trash, and it’s not because of Arizona tourism.

    Also, that argument makes no sense as we don’t move there and screw stuff up.

  • We Californians feel the same when you zoners come to California in the summer and swarm our beaches. 😊


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