People Who Accept California Residents In Arizona Are Too Dumb To Educate

Alight guys, 

I had to make this post because of the overwhelming "dumb" I've been seeing on our for sale posts. 

We make sale posts on facebook "buy/sell/trade" groups for free. People see our GO HOME / Don't California my Arizona decals and get really ignorant in the comment section. 

98% of these people weren't even born in Arizona. They welcome Cali residents with open arms because "they increase property values". 

What they don't realize is, the inflation is increasing these values and the value doesn't matter if you can't sell your home and immediately buy another. 

Arizona residents trying to buy a home are pushed to the side because of California resident cash offers. 

There is a monopoly here now and it's going to bite us in the butt later on. 

Please ask someone from California (who moved here) "If California is so great, why did you leave?", you'll usually not get a response or something stupid. 

We don't care that California has a large economy, that does nothing for it's residents and it's not going to carry over into Arizona (we don't have ports or oil). 

Please share this post to educate the uneducated and leave a comment below! 

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  • you are right on the point about housing price going sky rocket high is NOT a good thing.
    This Californian is living in a almost $2M home. Yes, that is $2,000,000. Am i thrill!!! NO

    Because sell high mean buying high. I can not downsize my house if i still want to live in the same town. My daughter who just got married struggle to buy her house on this crazy housing market.


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