Mayor of Phoenix wants to change 'offensive' names of two Valley streets!

Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego says she wants to change the names of two Valley streets.

In a tweet Thursday, Phoenix mayor Gallego said she and her City Council members have started the process of changing what she calls "offensive" Phoenix street names. Those streets are Robert E. Lee Street and Squaw Peak Drive.

This happened some years ago and never passed so I don't think we have anything to worry about. This is just another political stunt to stay in the "ether". Phoenix mayor Gallego can obviously not think for herself and I seriously doubt this will happen but we need to stay in the "know" for now. 

What's In a Name?

Robert E. Lee was a commander in the Confederate Army. Following the death of George Floyd in police custody and the subsequent weeks of protests and unrest, there has been a push to remove the names of Confederate commanders from states across the U.S. Erasing history is very dangerous and we are doomed to repeat it if things keep going the way they are. 

The mountain currently known as "Piestewa Peak" used to be named "Squaw Peak" until the name was changed 17 years ago. Now, it bears the name of Army Spc. Lori Ann Piestewa, who was killed in action in Iraq in March 2003. Piestewa was the first female soldier killed in action in the Iraq war, and the first Native American woman to KIA in the U.S.military. 

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  • Robert E. Lee was a traitor to the Constitution. He was responsible for the deaths of nearly 1 Million Americans. I can only guess what is going on in minds of people who want to pay tribute to that.

    James Brice
  • Again….every few yrs someone gets a wild hair and wants to change the names….if theyre going to, Grant, Sherman, Jefferson, Washington, well hell most of the presidents, then the Spanish Conquistador named streets, hell start changing city names also. Plus HAS ANYONE ACTUALLY READ ABOUT Robert E. Lee? The man was actually and advocate against slavery, same as Jefferson Davis and Nathan B. Forrest. Folks should learn history BEFORE judging. Damn.

  • You can’t learn from Knocking down historical statues. You must teach your mistakes so the next generation doesn’t make the same mistakes.

    Frances L. Gyomory

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