Man defends himself against rioters who attacked him with knives / skateboard


-Here we have the first video, you can see him getting attacked by at least 6 different people, some have weapons. Scroll down to see clips-

This is the SECOND video: 

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  • Why do people continue to antagonize and provoke others till they bring out that persons worse side then play victim. I cant stand punks. Good for they guy with the gun. His life was completely in danger. He did the right thing.

  • Good job….shot that thug

  • They attack him, hitting him with a weapon (skateboard) start yelling to get him, get his license plate, and I’m going to kill you. They knock him to the ground and gang up on him. Clearly self defense! Any cop, D.A., or judge that sees otherwise is a raving lunatic and should be removed from their position.

    Donald Ogden
  • Good for the assaulted man, they didn’t stick around for long when he defended himself with a gun! Gutless arse holes!

  • I’m so happy that brave men and women are standing up to these antifa and BLM mobsters.

    Herman Smith

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