Man defends himself against rioters who attacked him with knives / skateboard


-Here we have the first video, you can see him getting attacked by at least 6 different people, some have weapons. Scroll down to see clips-

This is the SECOND video: 

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  • Get what you deserve,oho don’t drop your weapon ever.

    American patriot
  • I would have to if they hit me and all that with skateboards and tried to hurt me got what they deserved

    Chris Shearin
  • I knew it was coming. If my car was surrounded yes I would drive on through. If my life is threaten yes I will shoot you.

  • GOOD FOR HIM TO BAD HE DIDNT GET TJEM ALL!!!! Stupid asses I hope when they called 911 for help NOBODY SHOWED UP MAYBE A SOCIAL WORKER!!! Bunch of SAVAGES!!!

    Tommy Cantatore
  • Play Stupid Game’s win Stupid Prizes.
    Or end up DEAD.


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