Man defends himself against rioters who attacked him with knives / skateboard


-Here we have the first video, you can see him getting attacked by at least 6 different people, some have weapons. Scroll down to see clips-

This is the SECOND video: 

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  • It’s crazy when people are saying that the person that was shot an maybe killed got what he deserved.yet the shooter was in fact the provoker he wanted to attack someone . Look at the facts you show up armed to a peaceful protest to piss off people why just mind your business an go someone else that means you literally got out your car dropped everything you was doing just to why go towards a crowd to antagonize . This is a just pulling a victim card that you was jumped by supposedly thugs yet your the person showing up armed to antagonize.

  • Stupid punks got exactly what they deserve to bad more didn’t get shot

  • So they walk around saying no justice no peace f the police. What was the first thing you heard out of their mouth after he shot the cockroach? i heard one say get his license plate, so they could call the police. Oh the irony. Cowards scattered like cockroaches as soon as the shot rang out.

  • That’s good he fought back. They got what they deserved.

    Pat Therrien
  • To bad he didn’t get more of them

    Bob Chacanaca

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