Man defends himself against rioters who attacked him with knives / skateboard


-Here we have the first video, you can see him getting attacked by at least 6 different people, some have weapons. Scroll down to see clips-

This is the SECOND video: 

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  • Stupid punks got exactly what they deserve to bad more didn’t get shot

  • So they walk around saying no justice no peace f the police. What was the first thing you heard out of their mouth after he shot the cockroach? i heard one say get his license plate, so they could call the police. Oh the irony. Cowards scattered like cockroaches as soon as the shot rang out.

  • That’s good he fought back. They got what they deserved.

    Pat Therrien
  • To bad he didn’t get more of them

    Bob Chacanaca
  • Why do people continue to antagonize and provoke others till they bring out that persons worse side then play victim. I cant stand punks. Good for they guy with the gun. His life was completely in danger. He did the right thing.


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