Jayco 2020 RV Giveaway | Truck / SUV *SCAM* circling on Facebook

There is a Jayco RV giveaway and Toyota Tundra / 4runner scam circulating on social media. This is a "like and share" farming scam with the sole purpose of collecting personal information, and possibly the information of the people you are friends with. In other words, Facebook users who have seen the fake Free RV Giveaway or Toyota posts asking them to share, comment or like it in order to be entered to win a free RV/vehicle, are asked to delete it and should not share, comment on, or "like" it.

This is what Jayco has to say about the scam:

"While we are running a sales event for our current Jayco owners (www.jayco.com/loyaltybluetag), we aren’t giving away a 2020 Seneca, as it may appear.If we ever do run any official Jayco sales event or giveaway, it will be promoted through our Jayco company page."

If you see a Jayco RV giveaway on social media, always go to their website at www.jayco.com to verify.

Here are a few of the things these Facebook giveway scam are designed to do:

  • Hijacked profiles
  • Collection of personal info like birthdates and email addresses
  • Exposure of friends lists, IP addresses, and device information
  • Exposure to malware
  • Scamming you out of money

How do these “like and share” scams work?

Scams like the RV giveaway operate on a principle known as “like farming.” The name of the like-farming game is “engagement” and the more engagement a post gets in the form of likes and shares, the more Facebook’s algorithm pushes it to news feeds. The more people who see such a post, the more likely they will engage with it.\

If you see these posts, either ignore or REPORT them (three dots on top right corner of post). 

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