Is all the negativity in the news getting old? Here are 40 awesome pics that will restore your faith In America!!

It seems all we have to look forward to when opening social media, turning on the news etc is horrible and negative news/updates. 

We have collected a list of 40 wholesome images that will put a little bit of love back in your heart! Please share at the bottom when you're done scrolling/reading! <3 


#1 A police officer helping a citizen fill up! This person ran out of fuel and the officer took the time to help them get where they needed to go. 

#2 "Hey there, can you take a pic of my fresh Waves for the Gram?" A nice gesture on the long ride home on the subway!

#3 Volunteers helping Hurricane Harvey victims evacuate in Houston, Texas. These situations were always VERY emotional, but none the less amazing! 

#4 Just a few guys in Union Square playing chess! With all the backlash Police are getting, it's nice to see pics like these! 

#5 A police officer keeping a disabled citizen company while he waits for the bus! 

#6 A nice man helping an elder get down a pretty steep hill! ALWAYS RESPECT YOUR ELDERS.

#7 So My Dads Tire Blew Up On The Freeway And This Dude, With A Confederate Flag Tattoo, Wearing A Confederate Flag T-Shirt, With Confederate Flag Car Stickers, Stopped And Changed Our Tire. My Mind Is Blown, Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

#8 Just a young man helping an older man down an escalator! 

#9 As paramedics were helping this little ones mom onto a stretcher this awesome police officer took over the babies bottle feeding!

#10 "Yesterday my daughter wanted to open a lemonade stand... On a wednesday... when it was 72 degrees out. Business was slow until these two decided to stop. they made her day!"

#11 This gentleman saw a little old lady was having difficulty bagging some stuff so he stopped and held her bag open for her. Small act but man did it make my day!

#12 Every time I stop by the gym, this gentleman is helping this employee with his calculus! 

#13 NFL Runningback Aaron Jones was see helping a woman though the airport when there was no one available to help her!

#14 La Marque, Texas, This old man told the Waffle House employee that his hands weren't working very well. He was also on oxygen and had a hard time breathing. Without missing a beat, this wonderful employee took his plate and began cutting his ham for him! 

#15 Everyday at lunch, this man reads to another man who cannot. 

#16 This gentleman lets a complete stranger (obviously beat from the day) rest his head on his shoulder as he sleeps. 

#17 A kind baseball fan holds umbrella as it rains for a JROTC member on Memorial Day! 

#18 Young boy offering a bottle of water for a police officer in riot gear during the riots in Baltimore! 

#19 We LOVE this one! 

#20 This patient said she hasn't had a visitor in OVER THREE YEARS. So what did this nurse do? She made cookies and brought them to the local nursing home! 

#21 This wonderful woman helped this kid who just could not tie his tie! 

#22 This teen with autism is comforted by a Charlotte officer in a park after reports he may be suicidal.

#23 The non-profit '100 Suits' gives new suits and a fresh start to men just getting out of prison. 

#24 Two classmates from 50 years ago. One needs a kidney, they barely knew each other and he answered the call. 

#25 A 22-year-old man from Harlem befriended an 81-year-old woman after they met on the game "words with friends". They played for around a year and he decided to travel to Florida to meet her! Super heartwarming!

#26 A fast food restaurant employee helping a customer with a disability eat his lunch! 

#27 Louisville police officer encourages lady who has lost OVER 200lbs complete her first 10k marathon!

#28 A very cool professor!

#29 Helping with dementia!

#30 Some Christmas "elves" surprising the homeless on Christmas day with food / presents!

#31 Boys see a homeless man everyday on their way to school and decided to help him out one day! 

#32 As protests in Ferguson get crazy, a 12-year-old boy hugs a police officer! 

#33 Racism isn't born, it's taught. 

#34 Pararescueman Sgt. Maroney is reunited with the girl he saved over 10 years ago during hurricane Katrina! 

#35 An awesome waiter helping a disabled woman so that her husband could finish his mean! Great job! 

#36 The man in red needed help with his son's math homework, the man in blue helped him on the ride home on the subway! 

#37 This is my UBER driver, Beni. He took me to the hospital and kept me company since most of my family lives out of state. Way to go, Beni! 

#38 A nice gentleman helping a young man going to a job interview tie his tie! We love these! 

#39 After grabbing a meal, two kids exchange hugs! Again, racism isn't born it is taught. 

#40 A distressed man is talked out of suicide by a police officer. Now, Eight years later and father of two, the man gives the officer an award at the American Foundation of Suicide! 

Well, there you have it! 40 awesome pics we hope made your day/week/month better! 

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