How to correctly place your Arizona Stickers!

To all our valued customers: 

Today we are writing a blog on how to properly stick your peel-n-stick type decals. 

These stickers have some smaller-cut vinyl pieces so you need to go slow when peeling off the main paper from the base AND where you stick it. 

Step 1: Peeling the sticker from the base paper.

When you first receive your decals they will have 3 separate pieces. The base paper, the vinyl and the peel paper. 

Sometimes the decals will be difficult and you will need to take your time peeling the peel paper from the base. Sometimes smaller vinyl will stick to the base and you will need to push down and peel again. 

Once you remove the peel paper/vinyl from the base, be SURE to not drop it or place it on the sticky side down until you're ready to place. 

Step 2: Placing your decal on desired surface.

Before placing your Arizona decals on your desired surface you must make sure that the surface is clean and not too porous or you may have a hard to placing it. 

You will also need to make sure your decal will be level, so take some time and figure out how/where you're going to stick it. 

Once the decal is placed on the desired surface, you need use a credit card (or similar) to make sure there are no air bubbles and that the vinyl is securely stuck on the surface. Most times you can just use your hands, but to save time it's best to use a card. 

Step 3: Peeling off the peel paper from the vinyl. 

You're almost done! 

Now, this is the "hard" part. Once your decal is placed on the surface with the peel paper, it's time to peel that paper off! 

This process is best if you take your time. You will most likely have a few pieces of vinyl come up with the peel paper (this is okay and happens often). Once this happens, push the peel paper back down and press hard on the vinyl until it sticks. This might have to happen a few times. 

That's it! Once the vinyl is stuck to the surface, use your finger and glide it along to make sure it's 100% placed. 

We hope you enjoyed this write up on how to place your Arizona Stickers with ease. 

If you have any questions, please email us at: or leave a comment below!  



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