Funny memes after Aunt Jemima is taken off her bottle.

Here's seven images that were made in the wake of all the BS concerning Aunt Jemima syrup. 

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1. Caucasian Barrel (this has nothing to do with AJ, but it's funny nonetheless). 

2. Again, nothing to do with Aunt Jemima but LOL. Ben Shapiro Rice.

3. Aunt Nancy "Pander Cakes" because, you know, that bitch panders.

4. Aunt Teefa Original. For all those soyboi antifa nerds.

5. Aunt Karen Original. Since it was probably a "Karen" who started all this shit. 

6. Ain't Jemima. This one is self explanatory. If you don't get it, ask in the comment section below.

7. Last but certainly not least, Sleepy Joe's You Ain't Black Original. 

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