Don't Californicate my Arizona!

If you've moved to Arizona from California you've probably seen a few of our decals.. 

Don't California my Arizona

Don't Californicate my Arizona



We made these decals not because you moved here, but as a warning. 

You left California for one or many reasons. These reason's' were probably due to the fact Cali voters voted in all the wrong Democrat (leaders). In turn, they made the state a horrible place to live due to: 

Extremely high cost of living
Extremely high taxes across the board
Sanctuary cities
Extremely high rent

The list could go on. 

You moved to Arizona for a reason, or reasons. We don't want Arizona to turn into what California has become, hence the term "Don't California my Arizona". Unfortunately, it already is. 

Arizona is a beautiful state and we want to keep it that way! 

Please help our cause by purchasing a decal!

Thank you for reading our blog! 

Have a great day! 

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